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We are located at 2427 Soco Road, Maggie Valley, NC (Next to Ferndale Road turn)

Winery: One who makes and produces Wines.
A Vineyard: One that grows the Grapes to sell to the Winery.


A Little About Us

Utilizing the Vineyards from around the world, (California, Australia, Washington State, Italy, Chile, Argentina) B & C Winery takes the juices and skins, along with the fresh mountain spring water and creates these wines. Chris wants folks to have an enjoyable memory of the mountains along with the wines. Everyone has a unique palate for wine, and sometimes, you stick with what you like, but if you are willing to try something different or want to look for a new flavor to add to your collection of wines, Chris is here to help you find a new variety.  “Wine Flight’s” are available.  With almost 40 varieties, we are challenging ourselves to introduce “Limited Edition” Wines that will only be available periodically throughout the year, at only certain times of the year.

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We Vint Wines.

Always wanting to make people feel happy and enjoy life, Chris’ career started as a pharmacy technician working her way from a level one technician to a Specialized Compounding Technician and receiving sterile compound training education. Chris realized that her skills and talents would come into play when making wines from the grape juices and skins from around the world. Her extensive training consisted of measuring, weighing and “thinking outside the box” for pets and people, sparked the “I can make that” even more possible. Using great tasting mountain bottled water, Chris’ wine take on a balance and finish that are truly remarkable.

Diving Deeper

This is a collective effort of a husband and wife team; and the wife likes to think outside that box and bring new and exciting flavors to the wines. The husband is the silent partner who supports his wife in every way possible with sometimes just assisting to help her with just washing the wine glasses and other sterilization duties. “Bob & Chris”.

Interest in wines and the varieties, became more of a passion in the late 1980’s closer to 1998 when Chris realized the health benefits of wine. We are still learning to pair wines with new dishes.

Currently located at 2427 Soco Rd. Maggie Valley, NC 28751, in the heart of Maggie Valley, minutes from the Blue Ridge Parkway and Cataloochee Ski Resort.

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